Запитання №1

To rot or decompose; also, to decline in quality, energy, etc.

Запитання №2

The whole mass of air that surrounds the Earth.

Запитання №3

To send (used newspapers, bottles, cans, etc.) to a place where they are made into something new.

Запитання №4

A region with particular weather patterns or conditions.

Запитання №5

The continuous absence of rain, thus causing the land to dry up.

Запитання №6

   The gradual destruction of something by natural forces (such as water, wind, or ice) : the process by which something is eroded or worn away.

Запитання №7

A system in which waste materials are buried under the ground.

Запитання №8

Containing poisonous substances.

Запитання №9

Restored or replaced by natural processes.

Запитання №10

Polluted air which is a mixture of smoke and fog.

Запитання №11

Coal, oil, natural gas, and other fuels that are ancient remains of plants and animals.

Запитання №12

A lake that stores water for human use.