Articles with Geographical Names

Запитання №1

I went sailing around _____ Lake Geneva

Запитання №2

I’ve been living in _____ London for six years

Запитання №3

_____ Danube runs through many European cities

Запитання №4

Wild horses live in _____ Gobi Desert

Запитання №5

_____ Pacific Ocean has many different types of fish

Запитання №6

I love swimming in _____ Mediterranean

Запитання №7

We spent our holiday on the shore of _____ Lake Windermere

Запитання №8

_____ Nile is a very beautiful river

Запитання №9

She stayed in _____ Belgrade for several weeks

Запитання №10

Her husband comes from _____ California

Запитання №11

They studied the geology of _____ Sahara Desert

Запитання №12

They crossed _____ Black Sea by boat