“A flight through the void” (Опитування)

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Автор опублікував тест в Бібліотеці тестів з обмеженим доступом. Це означає, що для повного доступу до тесту (перегляд усіх запитань та створення проходжень) Вам необхідно отримати дозвіл від автора.
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Запитання №1

1. Did you know anything about neutrinos before watching the documentary? If so, how did you imagine them?

Запитання №2

2. Why does the narrator call neutrinos “ghostly” particles? Where are they believed to come from? What are some of their characteristics known so far? How fast do they travel? What is the difference between solar and cosmic neutrinos? Why are these particles, despite being some of the most abundant in the Universe, so difficult to study?

Запитання №3

3. As Dr Paschal Coyle puts it, “neutrino is the closest thing to nothing we can imagine”. How can you interpret his words?

Запитання №4

4. Why are scientists so keen on investigating the nature of neutrinos? What kinds of messages are these mysterious particles supposed to convey? How are neutrinos and dark matter related to each other? Is human body able to emit neutrinos?

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