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Завдання №1 Теоретичний блок

Hello, everybody!

Today we'll check your reading skills

Read the text and answer the questions, please

Break a leg!)

Granny Morgan

Andy and Kate were pleased. Today was Friday, and that was the day when Gran came to tea. Of all their relatives, they liked their grandmother the best. She was good fun.

Granny Morgan was sitting at the kitchen table when they came in. There was a big plate of banana sandwiches in front of her.

“Hello, Gran!” said Andy.

“Hello, you two. How was school today?”

“OK, thanks,” said Kate.

“And how was your trip to the National History Museum?” she asked.

“Oh, that was great,” said Kate. “We had a wonderful time.”

“We saw some fantastic dinosaurs but I liked the gorillas best,” he said. He took another sandwich.

“I remember when I was a young girl; I often went to museums and art galleries. One day I met Picasso in an art gallery in the south of France.”

“I don't believe you!” said Kate.

“Yes, I did. It's true. Picasso was a charming man. He asked me to tea."

Kate liked her grandmother's stories, but she wasn’t sure if they were true but they were always exciting!

Завдання №2 Вільне введення тексту

Why were Kate and Andy pleased?

Завдання №3 Вільне введення тексту

When did their grandmother usually come to tea?

Завдання №4 Вільне введення тексту

Where was she sitting when they came in?

Завдання №5 Вільне введення тексту

What sort of sandwiches were there on the table? How many sandwiches did Andy take altogether?

Завдання №6 Вільне введення тексту

What did Andy like best at the Natural History Museum? What else did he see there?

Завдання №7 Вільне введення тексту

Who did Granny Morgan meet at an art gallery?

Завдання №8 Вільне введення тексту

What did Kate think of her grandmother’s stories?

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