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“Lesson 4. We are teenagers”

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Опис, який учні побачать перед початком тестування

My dear friend, here is our “Lesson 4. We are teenagers”

Our objective are

  • to practice speaking about teenagers and their prob­lems;

  • to focus on phrasal

  • t

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Завдання №1 Теоретичний блок

Завдання №2 Вільне введення тексту

Макс. балів: 12 з 60 (20%)

Read the information about teenagers’ rights in Britain. Are they the same in your country?

In Britain you can...

  • get a part-time job when you are thirteen.

  • leave school, joint he army and get married (with your parents’ agreement) when you are sixteen..

  • drive a car when you are seventeen.

  • leave home, vote, get a tattoo and get married (without your pa­rents’ agreement) when you are eighteen.

  1. Main part

  1. Is it easy to be a teenager?

You are a teenager and it is time

of conflicting feelings and desires

of important public exams

of hard school work

of starting serious relationship when relations can be unstable

when you experiment with your image

of conflicts at school

of feeling

of pressure

of misunderstanding

Presentation. Practice on writting

  1. What does it mean to be a teenager?

A typical teenager

Typical teenagers







Hard at school

Rude and tactless

Lazy, irresponsible


Like his parents

Serious problems

Cool guys

Alcohol, drug habbits


Against parents

Завдання №3 Вільне введення тексту

Макс. балів: 12 з 60 (20%)


Match the verbs with their meanings.


Look forward to




Go through


wait for with excitement


Deal with




Get in touch with




Get to




Turn up


reach / arrive at

Завдання №4 Вільне введення тексту

Макс. балів: 12 з 60 (20%)

^ Read a magazine article about teens’ romantic experiences in summer. Choose the most suitable heading from the list (1-6). There are two extra headings, which don’t match any part.


  1. Last summer, I was selected to go on a choir tour through Europe with teens from across my state (Nebraska). In Paris, something spared between me and a guy on the tour. We started flirting and getting to know each other. In Switzerland, we had out first kiss amid snow-topped mountains and waterfalls. It was romantic! We are great friends now. (Melanie, 16)

  2. In Florida last summer, I helped a woman find a hotel room. Two days later, her handsome 17-year-old son came up to me, he wan­ted to thank me by taking me out. After dinner, we made out by the water. We’re still in touch. (Corri, 16)

  3. My summer fling turned into my boyfriend. We met at a summer school programme. And I was impressed with how much of a gen­tleman he was. He was always saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and he still runs around the car to open my door. We started dating after about a week and have been together foe a year and right months. (Jessica, 18)

  4. I met my amazing guy at a coffee shop last summer. We agreed about everything: music, life, future. We looked at the stars, played the guitar our favourite songs together all summer. In late August, he told me he was moving back to Indiana for college. We ended it, but we still talk. (Jess, 17)

  5. Three summers ago, I went to Hawaii with my school choir. I met a boy staying at our hotel who was with a marching band from Ne­vada. We spent a whole day together on the beach and talked via cent phone at night. Now we write to each other and talk on the phone three times a week. He’s even travelling six hours to take me to my senior prom[1]! (Krystle, 18)

  6. I had a job at an amusement park gift shop, where I dated a co­worker. He even came home to meet my parents. (They loved him.) It lasted a few weeks, then he got promoted to supervisor of a dif­ferent shop. We broke up. Because of different working hours we couldn’t see each other any more, but I’ll never forget our long lunches. (Kayla, 17)

  1. Dating On the Clock

  2. One Good Deed Deserves. Big Romance

  3. Romantic Travel In Nevada

  4. Kiss In the Wilderness

  5. Totally In Tune

  6. Sounds of Music

G  Chivalry Isn’t Dead

H  Lasting Love.

[1] Prom — a formal dance often held at a high school (in the USA)

Завдання №5 Вільне введення тексту

Макс. балів: 12 з 60 (20%)
  1. Reading II


Today Nicky Samson came home from school at 4 o’clock. She watched TV for half an hour. Then she did her homework. She’s work­ing hard at the moment because she’s got an exam soon. After dinner, while she was helping with the washing up, she talked to her parents about a problem she had been having at school.

It was a normal day, but it was a kind of day that makes Vicky and he parents happy. “I can’t believe it”, says Vicky. “Four months ago I was living in a cardboard under a railway bridge in London.

Last October Vicky ran away from home. How did it all start? “I hated school and I didn’t see the point of it all. My mum didn’t un­derstand me. We only spoke to each other when we were arguing. One day I just couldn’t stand it any more”.

On that October day, Vicky didn’t go to school. She went to the station and caught the train to London. “At first it was really fantas­tic! There were all the bright lights, theatres, shops and some really interesting people. I had to sleep on the streets but I didn’t mind. I was free — no school, no homework, no parents”. But soon there were no food and no money either. Vicky was cold, hungry and miserable, but she survived until one night about a week before Christmas. ”I was walking down the street, when I looked at someone’s front window. There was a girl there just like me. She was decorating a Christmas tree”, I thought. If I were at home, I’d be decorating our tree now. “Then I just couldn’t help it. I just sat down and on the pavement and cried and cried”. Luckily for Vicky, the man who lived in the house, Mr. Robinson, came home while she was sitting there. He took Vicky into the house and Mrs. Robinson gave her something to eat. “They were so kind. I told them my whole story. They offered to pay for my ticket home, but I didn’t want that. I thought my parents would be angry”.

But the next day she was back home. While Vicky was in the house, Mrs. Robinson went next door and telephoned the police in Birming­ham. Three hours later Vicky’s father arrived to bring her home. “It was the best Christmas present I’d ever had”, said Mrs. Samson.

Pre-reading tasks

Answer the questions:

What problems do teenagers usually have?

How do they solve them?

Do they solve them in the right way?

Who can help teenagers to solve their problems?

What do you think happened to the girl in the story?

While-reading  tasks 

Choose the right answer to the questions:

  1. How many months ago was Vicky living in a cardboard under a railway bridge in London?

  1. 2 months

  2. 4 months

  3. 1 month

  1. How did Vicky start her escape?

  1. She hated school

  2. She became ill

  3. She wanted to travel

  1. How did she get to London?

  1. by bus

  2. by train

  3. by car

  1. How did she live in London?

  1. She lived in her friend’s house

  2. She lived at her job.

  3. She had to live in the streets.

  1. How did the Robinsons help Vicky?

  1. They gave her some money.

  2. They gave her a warm coat.

  3. They called the police.

Post-reading tasks

Think about the future holds or Vicky.

  1. This is what Vicky and her parents have decided:

  1. to buy _

  2. to do _

  3. to organize __

  4. your variant __

  1. Here are some of her arrangements:

  1. to take an exam __

  2. to visit __

  3. to invite __

  4. your variant __

Завдання №6 Завантаження файлу

Макс. балів: 12 з 60 (20%)

Write a composition “Would you like to stay in the world of child­hood?”

Опис уроку (учням цей опис не показується):

My dear friend, here is our “Lesson 4. We are teenagers”

Our objective are

  • to practice speaking about teenagers and their prob­lems;

  • to focus on phrasal verbs;

  • to practise reading for gist and then for more intensive understanding.

Today we continue to study a very interesting theme “Appearance and disposition”

You should carefully look through all the materials, study text files in this lesson. We will begin speaking and reading about the teenagers and their problems. You should do the exercises, read texts carefully and after that your skills will be better. If you don’t now some words you can search them in the vocabulary.

We also added some hyberlinks to make your study fun

Good luck

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