9 February 2019


V. Vorona

From a territory’s population to civil society



V. Stepanenko

Civil society and the state after the elections of 2019

I. Bekeshkina

Post-election change and civil society

S. Makeiev, O. Simonchuk

Ukrainians’ perceptions of (in)equality and (in)justice

N. Lavrinenko

The welfare state: How ready are Ukrainians to accept its fundamental principles?

Ye. Golovakha

How well have Ukrainians adapted to social change and what do they still lack?

O. Ivanenko, V. Kazakov

Populism and social protection of Ukrainian peasants

O. Bielienok, A. Bova

Differentiating Ukraine’s population in terms of social assistance needs

O. Rakhmanov

Factors contributing to a Ukrainian’s likelihood of working in the private sector

T. Petrushyna

Standard and non-standard employment among Ukrainians: Distinguishing characteristics

V. Smakota

Self-fulfilment at work among Ukraine’s employed population

N. Tolstykh

Subsistence level according to the estimates of Ukraine’s population

I. Prybytkova

Ukrainians’ evaluations of the quality of life and human security in this country: The regional dimension

N. Kostenko

Information safety risks 


I. Martyniuk, N. Sobolieva

Ukrainians’ perceptions of reforms undertaken against a backdrop of social imbalance

O. Reznik

The basic types of civic engagement practices and their popularity in Ukrainian society

V. Pylypenko, Yu. Pryvalov

Modernisation-driven processes in a transitional society

G. Chepurko

How do Ukrainians perceive the current state, challenges and possible outcomes of the society’s modernisation?

O. Honcharuk, Yu. Sapelkin

Market-driven transformation of Ukrainian society

V. Pylypenko, G. Chepurko

Social dialogue in the context of modernisation-driven processes

M. Shulha

Vectors in public attitudes towards Ukraine’s accession to the EU

A. Arseienko, V. Butkaliuk

Possible outcomes of Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO: Respondents’ evaluations between 2009 and 2019

S. Shevchenko

Growth in social activity: Is it adaptation to change or just a temporary hope?

O. Stehnii

Factors conducive to the successful integration of internally displaced persons with urban communities

M. Parashchevin

The attitude of Ukraine’s population towards the establishment of a new Orthodox church

O. Burova

Social expectations and reality in Ukrainian society

K. Ivashchenko

What does the Donbas think about Ukraine’s geopolitical benchmarks? Notes on the chief pre-war tendencies and their subsequent implications


A. Ruchka

“Value synthesis” as a component of a person’s mindset nowadays

O. Shulha

Value-led change in Ukrainian society: Between the old and the new patterns

O. Zlobina

Ukrainians’ value orientations: The vectors of change

R. Shulha

Consumption of the arts: Value-based aspects

L. Skokova

The popularity of different cultural practices among different age groups of Ukraine’s population

O. Ivashchenko

The phenomenon of absenteeism: How it endangers electoral democracy in Ukraine

T. Zahorodniuk

Regional differences in public attitudes towards a multiparty system and political parties in Ukraine (2017–2019)

V. Reznik

Respondents’ views on the responsibility of institutions and citizens for a state of affairs in Ukraine

I. Burov

Ukraine: The dynamics of public trust in the presidents

L. Bevzenko

The volunteer movement in Ukraine: Methodological issues associated with conceptualisation and the empirical record of five-year-long activities’ outcomes

N. Boiko

The current state of trust in the Internet among Ukrainians

M. Naumova

The phenomenology of daily digital routine: The dynamics of preferences and practices of social media usage

S. Dembitskyi

Correction of survey results by using sociological test data and decision trees: The case of geopolitical orientations

M. Shulha

An overchallenged society

(In lieu of an afterword)


M. Parashchevin

Annual nationwide survey results for the years 1992–2019