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More Customization Ideas for Custom Bobbleheads

The bobblehead has risen and fallen in popularity over the years without rhyme or reason. Currently, they are enjoying a new popularity, what with sports stadiums and arenas having bobblehead nights of a particular star, often a popular player of the current team, or a sports legend of that team's past. Sometimes even the sports announcers get the bobblehead treatment. Any toy store will also have several bobbleheads for sale, as the dolls are common both in children's play chests and on parents' work desks.


Bobbleheads - they've taken on an interesting place in our culture, from being ornaments on car dashboards to being part of sports arena giveaways. Some are collectible, some are customized for fun, and some are just plain funny. What is a bobblehead, though? How did bobbleheads first bob their way into pop culture? And more importantly, how can you get a bobblehead in your likeness? Custom Bobblehead


It's not enough to have the faces of your friends and loved ones on the bobbleheads. For your most important and highly valued friends and loved ones, you can add more customizations to your gift.


For your special partner, you can order a custom talking bobblehead. Some companies create talking bobbleheads by inserting a small chip in the base of the figure. You can ask the makers of custom bobbleheads to include your special recorded voice clip. There are also pre-made messages which can be embedded on the custom bobbleheads.


For small children, you can order custom bobbleheads in the likeness of their favorite pet, cartoon characters, or super hero. Take a photo of their favorite dog and ask the custom makers to create a bobblehead dog with a barking sound. This will delight small children and they will surely appreciate your gift. Design your own custom bobblehead


Collector's Item for Your Collector Friend


For your friends who love to collect things related to their sports hobbies, you can give custom bobbleheads of famous athletes. If your friend is an avid fan of a particular sports team, why not order a custom bobblehead of its star player. This gift will surely be appreciated by your collector friend.


To ensure that your custom bobbleheads will be used by your friends, ask the custom makers to make a base that can easily be installed on car dashboards. In this way, your friend will not exert any effort at all installing the bobblehead. high quality Personalized Bobbleheads


If you want your friend however to display the custom bobblehead on an office desk, make sure that its base has a specialized stick-on material designed for glass surfaces. In this way, the custom bobblehead can be displayed securely on a desk with glass surface.


To add more utility, you can ask the custom bobbleheads makers to design a base like a pen holder. Your friends can use these in their daily work and they will surely remember you for the thoughtfulness of your gift.


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More Customization Ideas for Custom Bobbleheads

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