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Unit 7. Intelligence. Unit Test

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Для кого: 10 Клас, 11 Клас

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Запитання №1 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 22%

Complete the text.

My parents have brought 1__ both their children to 2______ to the rules, which is why I can’t 3____ out where they went wrong with my brother. If characteristics are 4______ on from one generation to the next, then why is he such a rebel? He takes every opportunity that comes 5__ to question authority. I spend my days 6________ up on schoolwork in the hope of getting 7_______ my exams, while he 8______ out most of the questions or hands in a blank sheet of paper. You’ll never catch him doing a first 9_____ of an essay! My brother maintains that you can 10____ up all the life skills you need on the street and he doesn’t understand why he has to go to school.

Запитання №2 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 22%

Complete the dialogue with the correct question tags.

Amy Let’s work out your score on this IQ test, 1________?

Mia Do we have to? I haven’t done very well, 2______?

Amy Not really. You didn’t take it very seriously, 3_______?

Mia No. Just tell me what I got, 4________?

Amy You got 32.

Mia Oh. Everything was wrong in the last part, 5_________?

Amy Yes, but all the questions were really hard, 6____________?

Mia Yes, they were. Nobody gets very high marks, 7_______?

Amy Not usually. You aren’t upset, 8_______?

Mia No, but you got more than me, 9__________?

Amy Yes. I got 85. That means I’m more intelligent than you, 10__________?

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