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Unit 3. Eureka! Unit Test

Англійська мова

Для кого: 10 Клас, 11 Клас

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Запитання №1 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 22%

Correct the mistake in each sentence.

1 Imagining not having electricity at home. Our lives would be more difficult. _______

2 Unless scientists make a monumental breakthrough in physics, man wouldn’t be able to travel faster than the speed of light. _____________

3 The king said he would pay the goldsmith only in condition that he completed the ring in two weeks. ____________

4 I will call round at your house later providing I will finish my homework. ________

5 So long than you work hard at school, you will get your leaving certificate. __________

6 Supposing Karen hadn’t won the tennis tournament. She wouldn’t have became a national star. ______

7 Unless I earn a lot of money, I couldn’t see how I’m going to afford a car. _________

8 Suppose it hadn’t rained in twelve months. The effects of the drought problem would have be exacerbated. _______________

9 Supposing an apple hadn’t fallen on Newton’s head, he might not having discovered gravity. _________________________

10 If only we had known your arrival time, we would come to meet you. _______________

Запитання №2 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 22%

Complete the text.

Thieves 1_____ into the home of mega star Hollywood actress Stella Carr last night. Carr, described as 2_____-rich, is probably one of the wealthiest women in the world. At the time of the crime the actress was taking a 3_____ at her holiday home in the Caribbean. Carr, who is famously anti-4______ , has made no comment. Her press secretary, however, claims that a draft copy of her much awaited 5____ biography has been taken. According to police, a security guard was attacked and left semi-6_________ . He had no injuries except that his front tooth was broken 7___ . It was a 8___-function in the alarm system which allowed thieves to enter the luxury mansion. Carr’s publishers described the incident as a small 9_______ which a great star like Stella would easily 10________.

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