“Shall” or “should”?

Запитання №1

1. It’s none of my business but I think you ... accept this job offer. I’ve heard there’s too much turnover.

Запитання №2

2. ... I throw a party for you and invite your crush?

Запитання №3

3. ... I apply for a job right now? — I don’t think you ... Complete your Bachelor’s degree first.

Запитання №4

4. You ... have told your friends that you had changed your mind. You’ve simply let them down.

Запитання №5

5. The Board of Directors ... hold a meeting at least once a year.

Запитання №6

6. How often ... I feed my cat?

Запитання №7

7. You ... pass! (“The Lord of the Rings”).

Запитання №8

8. ... we conduct a pilot survey to see how the questionnaire works? — Yes, you definitely ...

Запитання №9

9. Applicants ... remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected.

Запитання №10

10. We ... overcome all the hindrances in our way.

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