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Автор опублікував тест в Бібліотеці тестів з обмеженим доступом. Це означає, що для повного доступу до тесту (перегляд усіх запитань та створення проходжень) Вам необхідно отримати дозвіл від автора.

Запитання №1 з однією правильною відповіддю Балів: 20%

Read the text and fill in the gaps (1-5) with the correct sentences (A-F). One sentence is extra.

Paintings by Sampath Amunugama


A Child Could Paint That!

Have you ever been walking through an art gallery, when suddenly you thought that you had accidently wandered into a crèche? Our idea of what art is has changed a lot in the last century. 1_______ Abstract paintings, especially, often look like they were painted with random disorganised brush strokes, but these paintings are often sold for million of pounds! So, what’s the difference between an abstract artist’s masterpiece in a gallery and a child’s painting hanging on the door of a fridge? Or is there any difference at all?

In 2007, Estelle Lovatt, a teacher at an art college in England, did an experiment to find out. Her two-year-old son, Freddie, had just learned how to hold a brush, and was enjoying painting random shapes and lines. 2_______ So, Estelle took pictures of some of Freddie’s paintings and tried to sell them on an online gallery. She didn’t reveal her child’s identity, though. Instead, she claimed that the artist was a successful abstract painter who was popular abroad. 3_______ One painting was sold to an English art collector who said he liked the “flow and energy in the picture”, while a gallery in Berlin asked if they could display Freddie’s paintings in an exhibition!

But that wasn’t the only time the art world was fooled by a toddler. In 2009, Nikka Kalashnikova showed some paintings to the owner of an art gallery in Melbourne, Australia, without telling him that they were by her daughter Aelita who was just twenty-two months old! Immediately, the owner decided to display the paintings, and started advertising an exhibition for them in local papers. 4_______ In fact, one art collector even bought one of Aelita’s paintings … for $24,000!

So what do these stories teach us about modern art? 5_______ After all, people have different tastes, so it’s not surprising that a small minority might like a toddler’s paintings. The huge majority of art experts, though, would surely see the talent and effort behind a real abstract painting. Or would they? Whatever the case, it’s clear that the question of ‘What is art?’ is not going to go away anytime soon.


Запитання №2 з однією правильною відповіддю Балів: 20%


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Запитання №4 з однією правильною відповіддю

Запитання №5 з однією правильною відповіддю

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