“Please don’t tell me I’m normal”.

Запитання №1

1. Remi knows what love is. He shares it _______________ and he shares it regardless. He’s not ______. He doesn’t see ____ colour.

Запитання №2

2. He (Remi) reminds me of one thing: how ______ we know about the mind, and how wonderful the _______ must be.

Запитання №3

3. Samuel is 16. He’s tall. He’s very ________. He has the most __________ memory.

Запитання №4

4. In fact, because their minds (Remi’s and Samuel’s) don’t ___ into society’s version of normal, they’re often ________ and _____________.

Запитання №5

5. Now, for you who may be less familiar with the term “autism”, it’s a complex brain ________ that affects social communication, ________ and sometimes ________ skills.

Запитання №6

6. Across the world, every 20 _______, one new person is _________ with autism, and although it’s one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the world, there is no known _____ or ____.

Запитання №7

7. I was just three years old when my brother __________, and I was so _______ that I had a new being in my life. And after _____ months went by, I realised that he was different.

Запитання №8

8. Yet beyond the tantrums and the ___________ and the never-ending _____________ was something really unique: a ____ and innocent nature, a boy who saw the world without prejudice, a human who had never ____.

Запитання №9

9. Normality _________ the beauty that differences give us, and the fact that we are different doesn’t mean that one of us is _____.

Запитання №10

10. The chance for greatness, for ________ and for change dies the moment we try to be like ____________.

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