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Запитання №1 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 10%

Translate the words and write them down

бути в пору - ______________

примірювальна кабіна - _______________________

досконалий, бездоганний - _________________

тісний - ______________

просторий - ________________

стиль, мода - _________________

застарілий, старомодний - _________________________

розмір - _______________

Запитання №2 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 10%

Fill in the gaps in the phrases

What size ...___ you?

to be short ...__ money

I ... __size 44

out ...__ fashion

to be on (...___) sale

to buy ...__ sale

to change ..._____ mind

Запитання №3 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 10%

Match the adjectives with the opposite meaning





























Запитання №4 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 10%

Translate the words and phrases from the text.

I like (ходити за покупками)______________ with my mother.

Last weekend we went to the “O’Buy” (супермаркет)___________.

There is (відділ готового олягу)_______________________________ in it.

They (продавати)____ shirts, skirts, trousers, jackets, jeans, dresses there.

The (ціни)______ in that department are rather low.

My mother bought (шовкова сукня) ____________ and (шкіряний жакет)________________ for herself.

I bought (бавовняна сорочка) ______________ and jeans in blue.

We were (такі задоволені)____________!

That day we went for a walk, and we wore our (новий одяг)___________.

Запитання №5 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 10%

Put the English equivalents of the verbs given in brakets into the correct form

  1. If the leather jacket (бути в пору) ____ me perfectly, I _________ (купити) it.

  2. As son as Sam _________________ (відчувати брак грошей), he ________ (просити) his brother to help him.

  3. Before the customer ____ (купувати) the cotton shirt, he ________ (приміряти) it on in the fitting room.

  4. When Sue's favourite silk dress _________________ (бути не у моді), she _____________ (не носити) it.

  5. The children ______________ (не відвідувати) the zoo until their parents _________________ (передумати).

  6. After you ____ (носити) tight shoes, your legs _________ (боліти).

  7. If the woolen coat __ (бути) loose, the shop assistants _________ (показувати) me a smaller size.

  8. As soon as this new film _____ (йти) in our cinema, the tickets _______________ (бути у продажу) at the box office.

  9. Before such clothes ______________ (бути у моді), Mary _________ (шити) a fashionable skirt herself.

  10. When Christmas _____ (наставати), there _______ (бути) winter sales in all department stores.

Запитання №6 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 10%

Correct the mistakes

  1. Sam is a student. Не is clever, hard-working, skillful_______.

  2. I’ll call in the doctor if the temperature will be__ high.

  3. We’ll travel a lot when my brother finish________ school.

  4. The hotel in Madrid was more much comfortable_____________________ than the hotel in Berlin.

  5. The doctor won’t prescribe you any medicine, won’t he_______? - Yes, he will.

  6. After Alice will buy____ some fruit, she’ll cook a tasty salad.

  7. Polly will go to the beach if she will have___ free time.

  8. The family woen’t go________ to the lake if the weather is nasty.

  9. The customers will not buy such a clothes____________. The prices are rather high.

Запитання №7 на послідовність Балів: 10%

Make the order of the events right.

It is tight. Do you have this jacket in a large size?

Of course! What is your size?

Of course. They are in red, black, and white colours.

I am size 44.

It is near the window.

Yes, certainly! Have you got jackets in red?

Yes, I do. And where is the fitting room?

Can I help you?

Here you are. Do you want to try them on?

I am short of money, but I will take this jacket in red. It is very fashionable!

Запитання №8 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 10%

General Test

  1. I _________ (Варіанти:have gone, gone, has gone) to the cinema recently.

  2. The student __________________ (Варіанти:has just answer, has just answered, have just answered) the teacher`s question.

  3. I _________ (Варіанти:made, has made, have made) a pie with sweet fruit recently.

  4. What ____ (Варіанти:does, do, did) you do yesterday? I went to the zoo.

  5. My friend ____ (Варіанти:had, have, has) an English lesson the day before yesterday.

  6. I _________ (Варіанти:was, has been, have been) to the theatre this week.

  7. What are you doing now? – I __________ (Варіанти:waiting, am waiting, wait) for my friend.

  8. Tim _____________ (Варіанти:returned, have returned, has returned) from England lately.

  9. Their parent`s friend ____________________ (Варіанти:translated, have just translated, has just translated) two English books into Ukrainian recently.

  10. Ann's husband _________________ (Варіанти:has already come, have already come, has already came) home.

  11. The old man __________________ (Варіанти:has already taken, has already took, have already taken) his medicine.

  12. We haven't paid ___ (Варіанти:in, of, for) our meals yet.

  13. Where is Denis? I ____________ (Варіанти:haven't seen, haven't saw, did not see) him for a week.

  14. Do you know this boy? - Yes, I do. I __________ (Варіанти:have known, known, have knew) him for 5 years.

  15. His brother __________ (Варіанти:took, have taken, has taken) books from the library recently.

  16. Nick's mother has bought ____________ (Варіанти:one kilo, one kilo of, one kilos of) lemons and three hundred grams of rice.

  17. Bob ____________ (Варіанти:has be, hasn't been, haven't been) to the village since last August.

  18. I am not hungry. I __________ (Варіанти:has eaten, have eaten, eaten) some rice with meat and some salad.

  19. Have you _______ (Варіанти:speaken, spoke, spoken) with Liz since she came to Kyiv?

  20. She __________ (Варіанти:learnt, has learnt, has learn) a lot of different exercises since she started to visit a sports club.

  21. I __________ (Варіанти:has spent, have spent, spent) all my money recently

  22. . The children __________________ (Варіанти:are roller-skating, roller-skatied, roller-skate) in the park now.

  23. How long have you ____ (Варіанти:been, be, were) on a diet?

  24. Harry is an athletic man, ________ (Варіанти:is he, isn't he, isn't it)?

  25. You are learning the new words now, __________ (Варіанти:are you, aren't you, arn't you)? No, I am not.

  26. The food in the café _______ (Варіанти:is not, was, was not) tasty, was it? – Yes, it was.

  27. Last week Nick saw a doctor. He had __________ (Варіанти:an erache, an earache, an earach).

  28. My niece has broken her right arm recently, ___________ (Варіанти:has she, hasen’t she, hasn’t she)? – No, she hasn’t.

  29. Lily has got ___________ (Варіанти:a toothach, a tootheche, a toothache). She must see a dentist.

  30. ____ (Варіанти:Have, Did, Had) you take your grandmother’s blood pressure yesterday evening? – No, I didn’t

  31. Who has made this tasty cake? – I have made it ________ (Варіанти:himself, myself, yourself).

  32. Most of the children in my son’s class are ___________ (Варіанти:fair-haired, fair-hair, fair-hairs).

  33. These questions are _____________________ (Варіанти:much less interesting, less interesting, less more interesting) than those questions.

  34. Their flat is ____________________ (Варіанти:more much spacious, much more spaciouser, much more spacious) than we saw in the picture.

  35. Our cousin is ________________ (Варіанти:least greedy, the lease greedy, the least greedy) in our family.

Запитання №9 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 10%

Read the text and do the tasks
New words
A relay – естафета
to competе - змагатись
an achievement - досягнення
a marathon - марафон
to retire – іти на пенсію


Dara Torres

Dara Torres was born in Los Angeles in the USA. She was part of a large family, with four older brothers and a younger sister. At school her best sport was swimming.

At the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Dara was part of the American team and she won a gold medal in the relay. She also competed at the Olympics in 1988, when she won two medals, and 1992, when she won one gold medal. After a break of seven years without competitions, Dara won five medals at the 2000 Games in Sydney, including two gold. And amazingly, she competed again in Beijing in 2008. She won three silver medals at those games. In total, Dara won twelve Olympic medals, including four gold medals.

Emil Zátopek

Emil Zátopek was born in Czechoslavakia in 1922, the youngest of six children. At the age of fifteen, Emil started work at a shoe factory. The factory organised an athletics competition and Emil came second out of 100 runners. He started to train seriously, and in 1948, he competed in the London Olympics, where he won the 10,000 metres and came second in the 5,000 metres.

But his greatest achievement was at the next Olympic Games, in Helsinki in 1952. He won gold medals in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres. Then he decided to enter the marathon too. It was his first marathon ever – and he won it. He set new Olympic records in all three of his events. He competed at the 1956 Games, but didn’t win any medals because he had a bad leg. He retired in 1957.

Bonnie Blair

Bonnie Blair was born in 1964 in New York, USA, and learned to ice skate when she was only two years old. Her whole family loved speed skating but Bonnie was the most talented. In 1984, Bonnie competed in the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, but she didn’t win any medals. Four years later, however, she won gold in the 500 metres, and in 1992 she won gold medals in the 500 and 1,000 metres. Because of a change in the rules, the next Winter Olympics took place after only two years, in 1994. Bonnie won gold medals in the same two events. She retired from skating in 1995.

1. Read the texts and answer the questions. Write D (Dara), E (Emil) or B (Bonnie).

Which sportsperson …

  1. won three gold medals at one Olympic Games? _ (Варіанти:B, D, E)

  2. competed most recently? _ (Варіанти:B, D, E)

  3. competed in the Winter Olympics? _ (Варіанти:B, D, E)

  4. won the most gold medal _ (Варіанти:B, D, E)

  5. had the longest Olympic career? _ (Варіанти:B, D, E)

2. Choose the correct answers .

  1. Dara Torres was part of a family with ________________ (Варіанти:four children, five children, six children)

  2. Dara Torres did not compete in the Olympic Games in ____ (Варіанти:1992, 2004, 2008)

  3. In how many Olympic Games did Emil Zátopek compete?
    _ (Варіанти:1, 2, 3)

  4. In his first marathon, Emil Zátopek
    ____________________________________ (Варіанти:came second out of a hundred runners, stopped running because of an injury, came first and set a new record)

  5. In how many different events did Bonnie Blair win gold?
    _ (Варіанти:1, 2, 3)

  6. How may Olympic gold medals did she win in total?
    _ (Варіанти:3, 4, 5)

Запитання №10 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 10%

Joann is talking about her exercise habits. Listen and check the activities she likes or doesn’t like.

1. soccer

________________ (Варіанти:She likes, She doesn't like)

2. jogging

________________ (Варіанти:She likes, She doesn't like)

3. tennis

________________ (Варіанти:She likes, She doesn't like)

4. lifting weights

________________ (Варіанти:She likes, She doesn't like)

5. swimming

________________ (Варіанти:She likes, She doesn't like)

Choose True or False

  1. The girl has always been a very active person _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  2. Her friends and she play football every Sunday in the park.
    _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  3. The girl thinks jogging and tennis are boring. _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  4. She goes to the health club about two times a week.
    _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  5. She usually lifts weights for 10 minutes.
    _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  6. When she finishes lifting weights, she goes swimming in the pool for another 30 minutes. _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

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