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Запитання №1 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Unscramble the words and type them in the blanks.

1) xiobgn - ______
2) fluslki - _______
3) uodj - ____
4) oitelnv - _______
5) tepnita - _______
6) tthacile - ________
7) sghuadrt - ________
8) ikcgni-kbxo - ___________
9) idiidnvlua - __________

Запитання №2 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Fill in the blanks.

1) to run _____
2) __break time
3) to be good ___smth/smb
4) to be __a vegetarian diet
5) a slice __bread
6) a kilo __sugar

Запитання №3 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Match the picture with the right word.


















at break time


to smoke





















Запитання №4 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Match the word\word combination with the translation.


to grow properly




a nasty habit


a can of cola


unhealthy food


to eat a balanced diet


небезпечна звичка


дотримуватись збалансованої дієти


банка коли




розвиватись належним чином


нездорова їжа

Запитання №5 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Open the brackets and type only the form of the predicate.

1) I (to know) __________Jack since we (to be)____little children.
2) Ann (to be) ________on a diet for seven month already.
3) Their little daughter is ill and she (to sleep) ______________since morning.
4) (already\you\to see) _____________________this film?
5) Tomas (not to be) ____________to this country yet.
6) (she\ever\to feed) ________________animals in the zoo?
7) What (you\to do) _____________with this problem recently?
8) Who (to tell) ________you about that lately?
9) We (to spend) __________a lot of money since we (to leave) ____the hotel.
10) How much juice (this child\to drink) ____________________today?
11) When (Lily\to go) ___________to the cinema? - A week ago.
12) Since when (this woman\not to hear) ________________________about her son?

Запитання №6 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Fill in the table with three forms of the verbs according to the translation.





















































Запитання №7 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Match the tense form with the formula.


Present Simple


Present Continuous


Present Perfect


Past Simple


Future Simple






Who\Which of+is+Ving+SPS?





Запитання №8 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Complete the sentences with the correct tag questions.

1) My friend has learnt to play draughts recently, ___________?
2) Chess players must be very patient, _____________?
3) Only the cleverest players win in competitions, ___________?
4) As for me, I am fond of the most active kinds of sport, _________?
5) My favourite kind of sport is kick-boxing, _________?
6) I will be a skilful boxer in some years, __________?
7) Sam's brother goes in for judo, ___________?
8) Lily is swimming in the swimming pool now, __________?
9) Bill started to go in for boxing three years ago, __________?
10) My brother has spent much time in the gym today, __________?
11) There was much tea in the cup some minutes ago, _____________?
12) My mother can cook many tasty things, __________?

Запитання №9 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

Choose the right answer.

  1. You have got an excellent mark today, ____________ (Варіанти:have you, haven't you, have you not)?

  2. She _____________ (Варіанти:haven't eaten, didn't eaten, hasn't eaten) borsch since she went to school.

  3. They ___________ (Варіанти:knew, have known, are knowing) me since childhood.

  4. Which of them __________ (Варіанти:have eaten, ate, has eaten) honey this morning?

  5. That girl ___________ (Варіанти:hasn't paid, didn't pay, doesn't pay) for her dress yet.

  6. My relatives __________________ (Варіанти:haven't never been, have never been, hasn't visited) to Scotland.

  7. I watched the film about an English _______ (Варіанти:duchess, dachess, dushess) at the weekend.

  8. There ____ (Варіанти:are, was, were) a lot of fruit salad in the bowl.

  9. We haven't paid for our tickets _______ (Варіанти:yet, already, never)

  10. My brother hasn't seen his friend _____ (Варіанти:for, in, since) July.

  11. These managers have worked for this company _______________ (Варіанти:for a long time, already, for the morning)

  12. His nephew ___________ (Варіанти:went, didn't go, hasn't gone) to the cinema since May.

  13. I believe she ________ (Варіанти:pays, will pay, has paid) for the dish soon.

  14. My friend ____________ (Варіанти:hasn't eaten, didn't eat, isn't eating) sun-dried fruit recently.

  15. She bought a kilo of ______ (Варіанти:flower, flour, flaur) in the shop two days ago.

  16. I __________ (Варіанти:have known, knew, will know) Tom for many years.

  17. I'd like to buy _____ (Варіанти:a tin, a can, a jar) of Cola. I'm thirsty.

  18. My best friend has been ____________ (Варіанти:a vejetarian, a vegeterian, a vegetarian) since last year.

  19. I haven't seen you __________ (Варіанти:for ages, for adges, since ages)!

  20. Mother ______________ (Варіанти:has baked just, has just baked, just has baked) a cake.

  21. My sister __________ (Варіанти:has bought, buys, bought) some fresh bread the other day.

  22. My family and I will have dinner at the __________ (Варіанти:restaurant, restourant, restaurent) next Saturday.

  23. Their grandparents _________ (Варіанти:are, were, have been) in Wales last month.

  24. I can't play cricket ______ (Варіанти:too, also, either)

  25. He __________ (Варіанти:saw, didn't see, has seen) neither his mother nor his father two days ago.

  26. His favourite sport is _____________ (Варіанти:body bilding, body building, bodi building)

  27. As they say: "A healthy ____ (Варіанти:mind, wind, kind) in a healthy body".

  28. My little sister likes to make _________ (Варіанти:a snowmen, snowmen, snomans) in winter

  29. I never watch TV ______________ (Варіанти:advertisements, advurtisements, advertisments)

  30. I hope my brother ________ (Варіанти:win, will win, won) in competition in a week.

Запитання №10 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

Read and translate the word.

a computer technician - комп'ютерний технік

a receptionist - секретар в приймальні

properly - належним чином

busy - зайнятий

to cycle - їхати на велосипеді

to get tired - стомитися

to go out - виходити (для проведення дозвілля)

together - разом

possible - можливий

to complain - скаржитися

Listen to the speaker.


Choose the right variant according to the speaker.

What is Katherine’s job? ___________________ (Варіанти:computer technician, nurse, receptionist)

What time does she start work? _____ (Варіанти:7.30, 8.30, 9.00)

What time does she usually get home after work? ____ (Варіанти:5.00, 5.30, 6.30)

How does she get to work? ____ (Варіанти:bike, bus, car)

Katherine thinks her job is... _______ (Варіанти:tiring., easy., boring.)

What does she dislike about her job? ______________ (Варіанти:her colleagues, her office, her pay)

Choose the right variant according to the speaker.

  1. Kathy works at a hospital _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  2. When she arrives, she drinks coffee at work _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  3. She has 15 minutes to speak with the workers before they leave _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  4. She finishes work at 5 p.m. _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  5. It takes her two hours to get home _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

  6. She tried cycling to work _____ (Варіанти:True, False)

Запитання №11 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

Read and transalte the words.

a mall - торгівельний центр

entertainment option - варіант розваг

amusement park - парк розваг

roller coaster - американські гірки

food court - фуд-корт (місце, де можна поїсти)

arcade - аркада

millenial - той, хто народився в 2000 (тобто на зламі тисячоліть)

generation - покоління

to remain - залишатися

pastime - проведення часу

Read the text.

Going to the mall

Every city in the USA has a mall or four. There are about 1,100 malls in the US. These giant store-filled buildings are one of America’s greatest entertainment options for teens and families.

Mall of America in Minnesota is the largest mall. It is so big that it has an amusement park in it, Nickelodeon Universe, with several roller coasters! There are more than 500 stores in it, about 400,000m2 and about 12,000 people work there.

But malls nowadays aren’t the same as they used to be in the 80s and 90s. During those decades, teens would go to the mall and spend hours shopping, playing video games at the arcade, or just hanging out with friends. It was cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In those days, malls provided the perfect source of shopping and entertainment for entire families.

Nowadays, you can still eat in the food court and go to the movies, but there aren’t many arcades left. Millennials have their Xboxes or Ps4s, and they like shopping online, which is also happening with more and more people from other generations. And as more people shop online and play video games at home, fewer people go to the mall to hang out.

Hopefully, malls will remain one of the great American pastimes. But only time will tell how people in the future will prefer to spend their time.

Choose the right variant according to the text.

People like malls because... __________________________ (Варіанти:it is a fun place to be, it’s cheap., there are so many of them.)

Why is the Mall of America so famous? ________________________________________ (Варіанти:Because it’s the official Mall of the US, Because it’s in Minnesota., Because of its size.)

At the mall of America, you can.. _______________________________ (Варіанти:visit the president of the USA., ride a rollercoaster, walk in a park.)

What can’t people do at malls very much anymore? ______________________ (Варіанти:Hang out with friends., Play video games, Go for lunch.)

Malls nowadays ... than in the past. ________________________________ (Варіанти:are bigger, are more popular, have fewer entertainment options)

Why are malls dying? ____________________________ (Варіанти:People prefer other options., They are too expensive., They aren’t entertaining.)

The future of malls... _____________________________ (Варіанти:is going to get better., is certainly going to be bad., is uncertain.)

Запитання №12 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

Read and transalte the words.

memories - спогади

to remember - пам'ятати

quite - достатньо

gate - ворота

jealous - ревнивий

a jumper - джемпер

to hug - обіймати

nervous - знервований

to cry - плакати

Read the text.

Memories of my first day at school

I remember my first day at school very well. I knew the school quite well because my older sister, Sandy, went there and every day, dad and I met her at the school gate after school. Every day, she ran out of the school with her friends. She often carried a painting. I felt jealous. I wanted to paint too!

I was five years old when I started school. Most children in my class started school in September, but I started school in January, when I was five years old, because my birthday is in December. Three other kids started school on the same day as me. I was excited about my first day. I had my new uniform: a black skirt, a white t-shirt and green jumper, and a new red bag. When we arrived that day, a teacher met the new children at the school gate. Dad hugged me and said goodbye. I stood with the other children. I didn’t talk to them because I was too nervous. Then, Mrs Wilson took us to our classroom. All the other children were already there. They looked at us when we entered the room. When thirty children looked at me, I started to cry!

But I wasn’t upset for long. I sat with the other children on the carpet and the class teacher, Miss Holland, read us a story. Later, we drew pictures with coloured pencils, and at break time, I made friends with a girl called Megan. At the end of the day, I ran to the school gate with Megan and my picture, just like Sandy always did.

Choose the right variant according to the text.

The writer was jealous of Sandy because she _____ at school. ________________ (Варіанти:learned to write, painted pictures, had many friends)

The writer started school in ___. _________ (Варіанти:September, December, January)

The writer and ___ other children started school that day. ______ (Варіанти:three, five, thirty)

Before the writer started school, she felt ___. _______ (Варіанти:excited, nervous, upset)

The writer started to cry when ___. ____________________________ (Варіанти:her father left., she entered the school, other children looked at her)

On the first day, the writer ___. ___________________ (Варіанти:learned to read, listened to a story, painted a picture)


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