“I wanted to live zero waste for seven days” (Опитування)

Запитання №1

1. Why did Cam (the main character) decide to try a zero-waste lifestyle?

Запитання №2

2. Why had he considered himself a responsible consumer before?

Запитання №3

3. Was he experiencing any financial difficulties at the time?

Запитання №4

4. About 2.01 billion metric tons of garbage are produced...

Запитання №5

5. How long does it take plastic to decompose?

Запитання №6

6. Which country is the worst contributor of solid waste per person in the world?

Запитання №7

7. On Day 1, Cam linked up with his friend Levi Hildebrand, who supplied him with a...

Запитання №8

8. Plastic bags, straws and cups, as well as toiletries, office supplies and food packaging are all...

Запитання №9

9. What is the grocery store NADA known for?

Запитання №10

10. What does the idiom “dip one’s toes into something” mean?

Запитання №11

11. What goal did Cam set himself when going to a local music festival?

Запитання №12

12. Why do many people find it so hard to stop using plastics in everyday life?

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