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Тест містить питання скопійовані з: HS1 2018 Unit8 p138 act 18.
Запитання №1 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 9%

Match the word combinations with the appropriate pictures.


wavy hair


a skinny person


a square face


curly hair


a toddler


a teenager


a fat person


an oval face


a plump person


a tall person


a round face


a bald man


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Запитання №2 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Open the brackets.

1.Next Monday this young (повненький) _____ woman will have been working in this office for three months.

2.What does Jane (виглядати)_________? - Three years ago Jane had short (рудий)___ hair. Now she has long (русявий)____ hair.- Is she (стрункий) ____ or plump? – She is rather (стрункий)____. Her face is (овальний)____, her eyes are big and grey.

3.Look at that (середнього віку)___________ man. His little toddler has short (кучерявий) _____ hair and big blue eyes.

4.Sally is a model. She is a slim (високий) _____girl with long (прямий)________ blonde hair, grey eyes and an (овальний)____ face.

5.Look at Jack. He is such a (красивий)________ boy! I like his (карий)_____ eyes and short curly hair.

6. My grandfather is an (літній)_______ man. – What does he look like? - Now he is (лисий) ____. But when he was young, he was medium-height, (гарної статури)__________, with a (круглий)_____ face and black hair.

7. My friend has decided to change her (стиль)_____. Earlier she had brown (по плечі)_______________ hair. She didn’t like it. Now she has got short (біляве)______ hair. Her hairdo fits her (трикутний)________ face.

8. Sam is a tall (гарної статури)__________ boy with a long face and big black eyes.

9. My goddaughter is a five-year-old child with blonde (хвилястий) ____ hair and a (квадратний) ______ face.

Запитання №3 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 9%

Choose the appropriate idiom according to the description of the person.

1.His cousin always lies on the sofa and watches TV. It's impossible to go outdoors with him he is a real _______________ (Варіанти:armchair critic, armchair critic, slime ball)

2.My mum calls me all the time even when everything seems to be ok she is a ________________ (Варіанти:worrywart, goody-goody, social butterfly)

3.I don't won't Jack to come to the party as I I am sure that he will spoil everyone's mood as he is a real ___________ (Варіанти:busybody, go-getter, wet blanket).

4.As soon as Linda comes she will start asking about everything but it's really not her business. To my mind she is a ___________ (Варіанти:cheapskate, busybody, know-it-all)

5.I am sure Tom will be able to solve all our problems as he is a ______________________ (Варіанти:mover and shaker, slime ball, stickler for the rules).

6.If Joe promises anything he always keeps his word as he is a _______________ (Варіанти:armchair critic, couch potato, man of his word).

7.Tim's car has been broken for five months already but doesn't want to spend any money for its repairment as he is a real ______________________ (Варіанти:slime ball, cheapskate, stickler for the rules).

8.I don't like to communicate with Bob as he is really unpleasant for me an consider him to be a ___________ (Варіанти:slime ball, know-it-all, goody-goody).

9.Lizzy always boasts that she knows a lot of interesting stories but when you ask her to tell anything she always changes the topic so I think she is simply a ___________ (Варіанти:wet blanket, goody-goody, know-it-all).

Запитання №4 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 9%

Choose the right prefix to make the following adjectives negative.

1.___ (Варіанти:im, un, dis)polite

2.___ (Варіанти:mis, dis, im)agreeable

3.___ (Варіанти:un, ir, mis)capable

4.___ (Варіанти:mis, dis, un)tidy

5.___ (Варіанти:il, un, dis)usual

6.__ (Варіанти:im, un, in)dependent

7.___ (Варіанти:in, un, dis)convenient

8.___ (Варіанти:mis, il, un)logical

9.___ (Варіанти:un, in, mis)sociable

10.___ (Варіанти:un, mis, dis)organized

11.___ (Варіанти:il, ir, mis)responsible

12.___ (Варіанти:un, dis, im)popular

Запитання №5 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Complete each sentence by adding a prefix to the adjective to make it negative.

  1. Carol thinks that boys with long hair are really ____________ . I disagree ! (ATTRACTIVE)

  2. That shop assistant was so _________that I went out of the store without buying anything (HELPFUL).

  3. Did you know that it is for _______women to wear make up in some countries ? (LEGAL)

  4. Rain is today. ________the skies are very clear. (LIKELY)

  5. Did you really think that the exam was so easy ? - I thought it was __________ (POSSIBLE).

  6. Some __________people suffer from the lack of confidence (EMPLOYED).

  7. He is very _________about what he should do next (CERTAIN)

  8. Don't be so _________. They will surely arrive soon (PATIENT)

  9. Why are you so _______. You have everything you need. (HAPPY)

  10. The report in the news paper was totally __________. They got all the facts wrong. (ACCURATE)

  11. I felt very _____________when I told him what was wrong. (COMFORTABLE)

  12. The answer is _________. Try again (CORRECT)

  13. I think that is a highly _______thing to do. (MORAL)

  14. When you talk to her you can use________ language . She likes that. (FORMAL)

Запитання №6 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 9%

Match the grammar tense with the appropriate tense indicator.


Past Simple


Past Perfect


Present Continuous


Present Perfect


Present Perfect Continuous


Future Perfect Continuous


Present Simple


Past Continuous


Future Simple


recently, yet, today


since, for


usually, sometimes, often


next, the day after tomorrow, soon


yesterday, ago, last


Look! Listen! Still


For 10 years by next summer


by last year , by the moment you came


the whole evening yesterday, from 5 till 7 last Monday

Запитання №7 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Open the brackets.

1. How long you (to wait)_____________________ for him? 2. Yesterday I (to meet)___ a friend of mine whom I (not to see)____________ by the moment he called me. 3. Ring me up at elev­en o'clock, I (not to sleep) ____________________at this time. 4. You (to be)____ late for the concert if you (not to take) ___________a taxi. 5. When I (to come) ____home yesterday, my sister ___ already (to return) ________and (to sit) ___________ at the fireplace look­ing through some old photographs. 6. He (to smoke) ___________ a cigarette and (to look)_______ through all the books on the shelf, when at last he (to hear)_____ his friend's steps at the door. 7. The first person whom Andrew (to see) ___as he (to enter) _______was his old nurse. She (to sit)_______ on the sofa. She (to sit)________________there for 20 minutes by the moment he came 8. She is going to read the letter she ___just (to receive) ________. 9. He (to write)______________________ the composition for three hours by 7 o'clock. 10. Where is the baby? — The nurse (to put) _______it on the bed. 11. It (to be)__ late. ____you (to finish)________ the exercise?

Запитання №8 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 9%

The General Test 2 Unit 8

1. … people have a perfect place from their childhood that brings back lovely feelings. _ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) Most of b) Most

c) Most the d) Most many

2. With his father’s guidance, Mozart … playing the clavier at the age of three and composing at the age of five._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) begun b) began

c) begin d) begins

3. … officials expect increases on the funding for higher education._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) A little b) Much

c) Many d) Little

4. The area has … the richest and the most expensive farmland in the country._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) some b) some of

c) both a and b d) some for

5. … fruit is grown in this area._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) Many b) A lots

c) A lot of d) Few

6. They had spent so … time on gaining the independence._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) much b) many c) a lot d) very

7. Too … factors are involved in getting a good job._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) much b) many

c) both a and b d) little

8. … screws have come loose. I’ll have to tighten them._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) A little b) Several

c) Much d) A great deal of

9. Besides rain, … is seldom pure._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) water naturally b) natural water

c) water of nature d) the nature’s water

10. There are … organizations to help the deaf and the blind._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) much b) a little c) many d) little

11. I paid … money for a new house._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) many b) a number of

c) a large number of d) a lot of

12. A good summary should be … and … ._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) short / clear

b) long / full of details

c) long / exciting

d) short / lengthy

13. Frank Lloyd Wright has been acclaimed by colleagues as … of all modern architects._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) the greater b) the greatest

c) the more great d) the most great

14. You’d better leave for the station now … there’s a lot of traffic on the way._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) in fact b) in time

c) in order d) in case

15. My main … to the new road plan is that it will spoil the countryside._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) object b) objection

c) objective d) objecting

16. It was … that we went for a picnic in the countryside._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) so nice a day b) such a nice day

c) so nice day d) such a nice day

17. Bjorn Borg is probably the most … tennis-player of all time._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) success b) succeed

c) successfully d) successful

18. The rule is not … in this case._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) apply b) applicability

c) applicable d) applied

19. We love this painting of an old man. He has such a beautiful, … smile._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) childhood b) childish

c) childless d) childlike

20. His parents told him to keep … sweets and chocolate to lose weight._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) at b) back c) up d) off

21. Because it had not rained for several months, there was a … of water._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) shortage b) drop

c) some d) waste

22. My grandfather is so old that he gets tired … his teeth._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) to brush b) of brushing

c) brush d) to be brushed

23. Their parents have just bought them … expensive new furniture._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) an b) some c) these d) those

24. A good clock always keeps … time._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) certain b) true

c) accurate d) serious

25. My parents are always … with each other._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) annoying b) arguing

c) discussing d) shouting

26. Would you be … to help me finish my homework?_ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) too kind b) quite kind

c) as kind d) so kind

27. Would you please … me to the post-office?_ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) aim b) turn c) direct d) signal

28. Please take into … the fact that I have been unsatisfied._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) consider b) considerable

c) considerably d) consideration

29. According … the map we should take the second left._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) to b) as c) on d) by

30. … people take part in the traditional games now than twenty years ago._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) Less b) Lesser c) Fewer d) Few

31. As long as Peter … stay for more than a month, he can sleep in my flat._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) doesn’t b) didn’t c) won’t d) wouldn’t

32. It’s necessary for you to … a more serious attitude towards your work._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) develop b) grow c) become d) grow up

33. We don’t know the … of the game._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) facts b) customs c) rules d) laws

34. People who go without sleep for more than three days have great … thinking, seeing and hearing clearly._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) difficult b) difficulty c) easy d) ease

35. People with very … skin shouldn’t go sunbathing for a long period._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) sense b) sensitive

c) sensible d) sensibly

36. We can … the difficulty without too much effort._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) get over b) get away

c) get off d) get through

37. She has … a lot of money in her new job._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) gained b) earned

c) found d) done

38. I’m not … well with the new director._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) getting on b) going on

c) keeping on d) taking on

39. Can you tell me the … of this dress?_ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) charge b) price c) amount d) expense

40. Holding the fund-raising concert was successful. – Yes, Mr. Chang gave 2,000 dollars and … ._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) so did I b) I did so

c) I did give too d) I also did give

41. Furama resort is expensive. It … you 190 dollars a day._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) prices b) gives

c) takes d) charges

42. Could we have a … of tennis after lunch?_ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) match b) play c) game d) party

43. Vu Trong Phung devoted most of his time … novels._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) to having written b) to write

c) to writing d) to have written

44. They will have to … off water supplies while repairing the pipes._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) cut b) take c) break d) set

45. Is it as cold as winter in Russia? – It’s very much … ._ (Варіанти:a, b, c, d)

a) cold b) colder c) coldest d) the coldest

Запитання №9 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

The usage of the vocabulary.

Part 1

Choose the correct variant for each sentence and type it into the gap.

field sky beach forest shells island garden village grass hills

1. This is green and you can usually find it in gardens and cows eat it. _____

2. When it rains, this is grey and has lots of clouds in it. ___

3. Most of these are really pretty and you find them on the beach or at the bottom of the sea. ______

4. There is water all round this place so you need a boat to get to it. ______

5. You can find thousands of tall trees in this place. ______

6. You find flowers and plants in this place and it can be in the back or front of a house. ______

7. People live in these places and they are like towns but smaller. _______

8. This place has lots of sand and it is near the sea. _____

9. You find these on farms and some farmers grow vegetables in them. ______

10. You can walk up these because they are lower than mountains. _____

Part 2

Put the words in the correct gaps.


bridge home wood town street police station village

Two men stole a car. They drove away down the (1) ______. They drove fast, because the police were trying to catch them.
They turned left into a (2)____ and drove through the trees. Then they drove across a (3)______ . After a few kilometres, they were in a different town. They were lost. They wanted to go (4)____ .
So they stopped and asked a man the way to their (5)____ , but he was a policeman! They didn't know, because he wasn't wearing a uniform. He said, 'Oh, I was looking for you! The police in the other (6)_______ told me all about you!" So the policeman took them to the (7)______________ .

Part 3


Fill in the missing words.

Many people use a device in their car to help them to go (1) __places. You can put the device in the front window of a car. When you start driving, you turn it (2)__ . If you put (3) __ the address it gives you directions. A voice in the computer begins to speak. It tells you when to turn right or (4)____ , and when to go straight on.

But you must listen carefully or you can go the wrong (5)_________ . It knows when you have made a mistake, and tells you to go (6)____ again! It's very easy to find your way with this computer. You don't have to have a (7) ___.

Запитання №10 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 9%

Read the text about each of the teen bloggers and then choose the correct answer to the questions.


I started writing my popular music blog because I love music. I like it when readers send me reviews by email about a new band or concert they’ve seen, and I put these on my blog for everyone to read. I’m still at school, so I’m careful about spending too long on my blog, which is difficult as writing well takes time. I don’t think I’ll write it for much longer. I’m busy, and it takes time to post regularly.


I began writing for my school magazine. I stopped last years because of exams, but I missed it, so I started writing it again. I’m still writing for it now! The blog’s new to me, and I write about local events. I get ideas from friends when I can’t decide what to write about – we always think of something interesting that happens in our town. At first, almost nobody visited my site, but now more so, I’ve had some lovely comments.


Last year, I used to write for my school magazine, which I found really interesting. I don’t think it’s hard to write a good blog. Mine is about things from daily life that happens at our school. My older sister also has a blog, but we’re writing about fashion. We don’t discuss what we’re planning, but we read each other’s blogs sometimes. I like giving advice to students who write in asking for it – it’s good to know I’ve helped.

1.Who writes both a magazine and a blog?________ (Варіанти:ISABELLA, EMMA, JOSH)

2.Who says that studying and writing a blog at the same time can be hard?________ (Варіанти:ISABELLA, EMMA, JOSH)

3.Who answers questions from other people who read their blog?________ (Варіанти:ISABELLA, EMMA, JOSH)

4.Who plans to stop writing their blog soon?________ (Варіанти:ISABELLA, EMMA, JOSH)

5.Who didn’t have many people reading their blog in the beginning?________ (Варіанти:ISABELLA, EMMA, JOSH)

6.Who asks friends to help them write their blog?________ (Варіанти:ISABELLA, EMMA, JOSH)

7.Who says writing a blog is easier than some other types of writing?________ (Варіанти:ISABELLA, EMMA, JOSH)

Запитання №11 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

Part 1

This month's competition

Prize: a computer + a (1) printer

Write a story

- length: fewer than (2)_________________________ words

- subject: a short (3)_____ story. which takes place in (4)__________

Write your name, address, telephone number and (5)___ at the end.

Story must arrive on or before (6)___________________

Part 2

Visit to shopping centre

Bank is on the (1) ___________.

Get a (2) ___from the newsagent.

Restaurant is opposite the (3)________ in the main square.

Snack bar next to the (4)_____ closes at (5)__________________

Meet outside shop called (6) _________

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