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Для кого: 10 Клас


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Тест містить питання скопійовані з: Highschool1 2019 unit 6 act4 p100.
Запитання №1 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Unscramble the words/word combinations and type them in the blanks. Don’t forget about articles.

  1. cmb ______

  2. pllw ________

  3. blnds ______

  4. blnkt _________

  5. frplc ___________

  6. rzr _______

  7. mg _____

  8. tpt ________

  9. npkn ________

  10. sp dspnsr ________________

  11. tp _____

  12. rl _________

Запитання №2 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Match the picture with the right name of the house.






















a yurt


a castle


an apartment


an igloo


a single family home


a cave


a palace


a tree house


a penthouse


a mansion

Запитання №3 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Translate the word-combinations into English and type them in the blanks. Don’t forget about articles.

  1. приліжковий столик _______________

  2. фен ____________

  3. скринька для коштовностей _______________

  4. килимок __________

  5. вішалка для одягу _____________

  6. акваріум _______________

  7. двоярусне ліжко __________

  8. цукорниця ____________

  9. вішалка для рушника ____________

  10. перцемолка _____________

  11. дзеркало у повний зріст ____________________

  12. центральне опалення _______________

Запитання №4 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.

  1. I need to _______ my knowledge of classical music (BROAD).

  2. I love all forms of _____________ , including ballet and opera (ENTERTAIN).

  3. Phantom of the Opera is a ___________ music show (SENSATION).

  4. During her _____, the girl lived in Australia. (YOUNG)

  5. The mid-20th century saw the _______ of pop music. (ARRIVE)

  6. Bollywood movies achieved huge __________ in the 1990s (POPULAR)

  7. You need to __________ your muscles if you want to become a bodybuilder (STRONG)

  8. The money they get from donations will ______ them to buy more equipment (ABLE)

  9. Thieves sometimes target people at concerts , so be _______with your wallets. (CARE)

  10. Watching old movies is my mum's idea of _________ (HAPPY)

Запитання №5 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Match the formula and the tense!


Have / Has + S + been + Ving?


Will + S + have VIII + TI+…


S + had + not + VIII + …


Shall/will + S + be V-ing?


S + have/has + VIII + SPS.


S + will (shall) + not + V + SPS.


S + have been / has been + Ving


Did + S + V + SPS?


S + will have + VIII + TI +…


S + V (-s/-es) + SPS


To be + S + Ving + SPS?


S + had + VIII + …


S + to be (past) + Ving + SPS.


Present Perfect Continuous (Affirmative)


Future Continuous (Interrogative)


Future Perfect (Affirmative)


Past Perfect (Affirmative)


Future Perfect (Interrogative)


Present Simple (Affirmative)


Present Perfect (Affirmative)


Present Perfect Continuous (Interrogative)


Future Simple (Negative)


Past Simple (Interrogative)


Past Perfect (Negative)


Past Continuous (Affirmative)


Present Continuous (Interrogative)

Запитання №6 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 8%

Put the verb into the correct tense form (Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect, Future Perfect)

  1. Granny (to lose)________ her glasses recently.

  2. I’m very tired, because I (to run)_________________for 2 hours.

  3. Look! I (to draw)__________ the beautiful picture today.

  4. Му clothes are dirty. I (to repair)___________________ my car.

  5. She (to translate)____________________ this text since morning.

  6. I (to be) _________ to India.

  7. When she went out to play, she (to do/ already)________________ her homework.

  8. I could not remember the poem we (to learn) ___________ the week before.

  9. By 9 o'clock, we (to finish) __________________ our homework.

  10. She (to go) ______________ home by next week.

Запитання №7 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

1. Guessing what her … to the news would be difficult. ___________ (Варіанти:a) feelings, b) opinion, c) capital, d) reaction)

2. Neither the director nor his assistant … yet._______________ (Варіанти:a) hasn’t come, b) has come, c) have come, d) haven’t come)

3. English is a … easy language for Swedes to learn.________________ (Варіанти:a) compare, b) comparatively, c) comparative, d) comparison)

4. She did all the work … her own._______ (Варіанти:a) with, b) for, c) by, d) on)

5. There is a … of styles for you to choose from.____________ (Варіанти:a) variation, b) various, c) variety, d) variorum)

6. The children won’t go to sleep … we leave light on outside their bedroom.____________ (Варіанти:a) otherwise, b) except, c) unless, d) but)

7. The police are looking for a man of … height.__________ (Варіанти:a) tall, b) medium, c) extra, d) special)

8. The newspaper report contained … important information. ___________ (Варіанти:a) many, b) another, c) an, d) a lot of)

9. The singer ended the concert … her favourite song._______ (Варіанти:a) with, b) as, c) in, d) by)

10. I did my best to prevent my cat … running outside.__________ (Варіанти:a) to, b) from, c) against, d) for)

11. … there was a fierce dog in the house, the thieves managed to break in.___________ (Варіанти:a) since, b) although, c) as, d) because)

12. Dinner will be ready soon. Can you please … the table?_________ (Варіанти:a) make, b) settle, c) put, d) lay)

13. There are … when I have to work very hard.____________________ (Варіанти:a) from time to time, b) times, c) at times, d) a long time)

14. One … of my new job is that I’m away from home._______________ (Варіанти:a) dislike, b) disadvantage, c) complaint, d) pity)

15. He has the … to become a professional football player.____________ (Варіанти:a) abilities, b) able, c) ability, d) enable)

16. This pen is … the other two pens.________________________ (Варіанти:a) more expensive as, b) more expensive than, c) the most expensive of, d) as expensive than)

17. The professor explained his ideas with great … .__________ (Варіанти:a) clarify, b) clearly, c) clarity, d) clear)

18. ... is your dress, the red one or the green one?________ (Варіанти:a) Which, b) How, c) What, d) Who)

19. He drives so … that he’s sure to have an accident._____________ (Варіанти:a) careless, b) careful, c) carefully, d) carelessly)

20. … I came to the station just in time.________________ (Варіанти:a) Fortunately, b) Unfortunately, c) Fortunate, d) Unfortunate)

21. Of the two new teachers, one is experienced and … .___________________________ (Варіанти:a) other lacks experience, b) the other is not, c) the others are not, d) another is inexperienced)

22. Jack is away on holiday. He … to Japan.___________ (Варіанти:a) has gone, b) went, c) is gone, d) has been)

23. Doctorial students who are preparing to take their qualifying examinations have been studying in the library every night … the last three months._________ (Варіанти:a) since, b) until, c) for, d) before)

24. Your nephew, … name I can’t remember, made a lot of noise.________ (Варіанти:a) where, b) whose, c) which, d) what)

25. … in the world export diamonds.________________________ (Варіанти:a) Only little nations, b) Only few nations, c) Only a little nations, d) Only a few nations)

26. …, he was a young school-teacher living in Connecticut.________________________________________ (Варіанти:a) The American Revolution began, b) The beginning of the American Revolut, c) When the American Revolution began, d) It was when the American Revolution b)

27. Sonia doesn’t enjoy her job. She’s … because she does the same thing every day.______________________ (Варіанти:a) boring, b) bored, c) a and b are wrong, d) a and b are correct)

28. I’m going to a wedding on Tuesday. … is getting married.______________________ (Варіанти:a) a and c are correct, b) A friend of me, c) A friend of mine, d) One my friends)

29. Everyone sent flowers … John.______________ (Варіанти:a) in addition, b) except, c) beside, d) except for)

30. Call an ambulance. There’s been … .________________ (Варіанти:a) any accident, b) accident, c) an accident, d) some accident)

31. I don’t understand this sentence. What … ?_______________ (Варіанти:a) does it mean, b) means it, c) does mean it, d) did it mean)

32. Everything is going well. We … any problems so far.______________________ (Варіанти:a) didn’t have, b) haven’t been having, c) don’t have, d) haven’t had)

33. I’ll be at home … Sunday. You can phone me then.________________ (Варіанти:a) at, b) on, c) in, d) all are wrong)

34. Mrs Young is the woman … you saw at the desk.________ (Варіанти:a) who, b) whose, c) whom, d) which)

35. A … of days before, a terrible explosion took place_________ (Варіанти:a) period, b) few, c) series, d) couple)

36. Do you need my signature? - No. … you or your manager can sign this._________ (Варіанти:a) also, b) both, c) that, d) either)

37. Do you know where … ? – No, he didn’t say._______________ (Варіанти:a) Tom has gone, b) Tom went, c) has gone Tom, d) has Tom gone)

38. I tried to solve the problem … the noise and interruptions._______________ (Варіанти:a) according to, b) in case of, c) in spite of, d) because of)

39. At what time shall we … this morning?_________________ (Варіанти:a) meet, b) meet us, c) meet ourselves, d) meet ours)

40. She was carrying a … bag.__________________________ (Варіанти:a) small black plastic, b) black small plastic, c) plastic small black, d) small and black plastic)

41. What time did you arrive at the match? – A little … than usual.________ (Варіанти:a) less, b) more, c) later, d) time)

42. I didn’t believe them at first but in fact everything … was true. ________________________ (Варіанти:both a and b are correct, they said, what they said, that they said)

43. Kite has lost her ID card again. It’s the second time this … ._______________ (Варіанти:a) happened, b) has happened, c) had happened, d) happens)

44. My father … badminton three times a week._____________________ (Варіанти:a) plays usually, b) is playing usually, c) usually plays, d) is usually playing)

45. It’s a fast car. … it’s got a reliable engine._____________ (Варіанти:a) Otherwise, b) Besides, c) Apart from, d) Beside)

Запитання №8 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%


Read the text and mark if the statements are T (true) or F (false) as in the example.


The big bad wolf eats the poor little pig or chases Little Red Riding Hood. The brave young hunter comes along and-BANG!-he wolf is dead. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world there are no more wolves living in the wild. And all because the wolf has traditionally been seen as an evil enemy. In fact, this misunderstood animal has many virtues.

Wolves are superb hunters. They prefer hunting wild animals to domestic ones. They do not overpopulate, but keep their numbers at the level they can feed. As for killing people, conservationists insist that this is simply not true. Wolves avoid people. We have to teach the world that wolves only attack human beings in fairy tales.

There are plans to bring wolves back to the wild areas of Scotland, but loсal people have doubts about the idea. "We want wolves back. They lived for thousands of years in Scotland-it is their land – but we fear for our animals,' one farmer says. The government has announced that it will pay for any farm animals killed by wolves.

People in favour of bringing the wolf back say this: "Let our children have the chance to hear a wolf howl at the moon on a still, Scottish night, and let us be proud that we made it possible.'


  1. Wolves are usually presented in fåiry tales as enemies. - ______ (Варіанти:True, False)

  2. Wolves are very good hunters. ______ (Варіанти:True, False)

  3. Wolves attack and kill people. ______ (Варіанти:True, False)

  4. The government will pay farmers if wolves kill their cattle. ______ (Варіанти:True, False)

  5. The number of wolves is increaşing constantly. ______ (Варіанти:True, False)

  6. Wolves usually hunt domestic animals.______ (Варіанти:True, False)

  7. Local people are worried about the idea to bring wolves back to the wild areas of Scotland.______ (Варіанти:True, False)

Запитання №9 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%


Read the text and mark the correct sentence (A-G) to fill in the blanks (1-6) as in the example.


Perfectly round tomatoes all exactly the same size and big fat chickens are now a normal part of our diets. They are made that way by genetic engineering Their genes have been changed.

Every living thing has genes. Genes carry information. They are passed on from generation to generation. They make sure that humans give birth to humans and cows give birth to cows. Genetic engineers take genes from one species - for example, a scorpion and transfer them to another - for example, corn. In this way a new life form is created. (1) ____

Genetic engineers put hormones into cows to make them produce more milk. They put genes from flowers into soya beans and from scorpions into corn. This does not make them cheaper, tastier or healthier. (2) ______

The effects of genetic engineering on the natural world may be disastrous. The engineers may create life forms-monsters-that we cannot control. The new life forms have no natural habitat or home. 3) ____Moreover, the effects of these experiments can often be cruel. In America, pigs were given human genes to make them bigger and less fatty. (4) ____ The pigs became very ill and began to lose their eyesight"

Greenpeace is trying to prevent all such food experiments. Some- but not all- food companies are refusing to use genetically engineered foods. (5) ____ happening. Some people believe, though, that genetic engineering could be the solution to the problem of famine. (6) ____

In the story, Frankenstein created such a terrible and dangerous monster that he had to destroy it. We must make sure that it remains a story-and no more than that.














The experiment failed.


Some - but not all- supermarkets are telling their customers which foods are genetically engineered.


They will have to find one, fight for one - or kill for one.


These new life forms have been described as a 'real-life Frankenstein'.


It makes them easier and faster for the farmer to grow.


Plants which grow faster, or cows which produce more milk, can save the lives of starving people.

Запитання №10 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Pre-listening task. Match the words with their definitions.


like a chapter in a book, but for a television series


computer graphics or other ways of making amazing scenes for film and television


easy to guess what will happen


things that will happen in life and you can't change them


very important


to survive


to think; to have an opinion about


hurting someone because they hurt you




to reckon




an episode


to make it






special effects

Запитання №11 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 8%

Listen to the audio twice (or three times) and do the exercise. Match the characters with what the speakers say about them.


The dragon










never does anything we expect


did something that wasn't very surprising


almost died


looked impressive


isn't the woman's favourite character anymore

Запитання №12 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 8%

After-listening task. Choose the correct answer.

  1. How often does the woman watch the show? ______________ (Варіанти:Always, Sometimes, We don't know.)

  2. How has the woman's opinion of the show changed over time? __________________________ (Варіанти:It's become more positive., It's become less positive., It hasn't changed.)

  3. What does the man think of the story? ________________________________ (Варіанти:It's very well written., Too many characters died., He can't remember much about it.)

  4. What is the one negative thing about the show for the man? ________________________________________ (Варіанти:They spent too much money on the special, The episodes were too short., There weren't enough episodes.)

  5. Why does the man think the writers have fewer ideas for stories now? ________________________________________ (Варіанти:Because they're saving their ideas to ma, Because they aren't copying the books., Because they're copying the books.)

  6. Why does the woman like Cersei? ________________________________________ (Варіанти:The character does unpredictable things., The character learns from her mistakes., She's a very intelligent character.)

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