Driven out by drought and floods

Запитання №1

1. The global climate is changing faster than expected, and the effects are already ...

Запитання №2

2. There’s still no ________________ definition for terms such as “climate refugee”.

Запитання №3

3. The biggest CO2________ are the big industrial nations, above all China and the United States.

Запитання №4

4. Every year, this community has been sinking ___________ centimeters deeper into the sea.

Запитання №5

5. Every year, _________________ destroy many potato plants, which is all Pilar and her family grow on their fields.

Запитання №6

6. He’s (David) just earned 65 dollars cash ...

Запитання №7

7. Arizona has a desert climate and a ______ lack of water.

Запитання №8

8. He’s (Todd Miller) been observing developments at the U.S. — Mexican border ...

Запитання №9

9. We (researchers) are going to initiate a long _______ and see how the _________ behaves.

Запитання №10

10. If sea levels keep rising, not just his (George’s) home, but the entire _______________ could be submerged.

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