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Запитання №1 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 9%

Match the parts of the words




to tra


a sea




to re


to sun


an is


a be


to vi























Запитання №2 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Make the words from the mixed letters

  1. jyeon ________

  2. nidsal _________

  3. estuhnba ___________

  4. dans ____

  5. habce _______

  6. leartv _________

  7. tmunoenm __________

  8. yhlioda _________

  9. utenistit ____________

  10. aviglel _________

Запитання №3 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Fill the table with irregular verbs

проводити, витрачати





to bring
















to take








to do



Запитання №4 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Give the English equivalents of the words and open the brackets.

  1. His uncle (подорожувати)___________ to the Sea of Azov in two months. He (насолоджуватись) __________the time there.

  2. I (вірю)_______ that next (канікули)________ will be the best in my life.

  3. Liz and Tom (не проводити)________________ their holidays at the seaside now. They are going to the (гори)_________.

  4. Who will (засмагати на пляжі)_____________________ in two weeks? – I shall.

  5. What will you do (наступного місяця)__________? – We are going (розслаблятися) ________near the river.

  6. Which of his friends (відпочивати)________________ at the Black Sea next summer? – Nick will.

  7. I (можу помилятися, але я думаю) ____________________________that my uncle (засмагає)_____________ now.

  8. He (сподіватися)_____ that his children (насолоджуватися) __________their next winter holidays.

Запитання №5 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Make up questions using the words in brackets.

  1. I shall get up at 6 o'clock. (When) _____________________

  2. Tom will live in Kyiv next year. (Where) ______________________________

  3. They will cross the bridge over the Dnieper. (What) _____________________

  4. You will see her in the square. (Who) _______________________________

  5. Our granny will do shopping fast. (How) _________________________________

  6. She will visit a fashionable cafe. (What kind of) _________________________________

  7. That model will relax on the beach. (Who) ____________________________

  8. I shall visit a museum tomorrow. ( What) _____________________________

  9. Jack will stay at home on Monday because he is ill. (Why) _____________________________________

  10. Liz will spend 100 dollars for a new coat. (How much) _______________________________________

Запитання №6 із заповненням пропусків у тексті Балів: 9%

Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

  1. Shall ____Sam go to the library at the weekend? - I hope, he is ____.

  2. They will going__ to London next week.

  3. Which of your friends shall ____ visit that modern gallery? - Lily did ____.

  4. He are __going to learn German in a month.

  5. I shall watch that interesting film in a months _____.

  6. Which of your friend _______ will have a good time soon?

  7. Who will visited _____ a modern circus next month?

  8. I believe you went _______ to the post office with me the day after tomorrow.

  9. His cousin shall ____get good marks in English next week.

  10. They be ___going to do homework in the evening.

Запитання №7 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 9%


Choose the correct answer.

  1. How can I get to the university? - Go ___________ (Варіанти:on, straight on, turn on)to the stop and then turn right.

  2. Mag hopes that parents _______________ (Варіанти:will buy, is going to buy, bought)a new house next week.

  3. My cousin usually buys найдорожчі shoes. __________________ (Варіанти:the expensive, the most expensive, more expensive)

  4. That manager __________ (Варіанти:works, will work, shall work)in a modern bank in two years.

  5. Those girls ______ (Варіанти:shan't, don't, won't)translate a difficult text next Friday.

  6. Did your granny make purchases last Sunday? - Yes, _________ (Варіанти:she does., he did., she did.)

  7. Who _________ (Варіанти:wrote, did write, writing)many exercises at the last Ukrainian lesson?

  8. He can’t be certain but he thinks that he will write a story about a famous Ukrainian footballer_________ (Варіанти:yesterday, often, soon).

  9. We don't often go to this beautiful island. ______________ (Варіанти:Future Simple, Past Simple, Present Simple)

  10. He doesn’t like the idea of __________ (Варіанти:getting up, to get up, got up)early in the morning.

  11. Their aunt will go to the hotel in an hour __ (Варіанти:in, on, by)underground.

  12. These mountains are ___________ (Варіанти:higher, high, the highest)in our region.

  13. Who usually works till 8 o'clock? - _______________ (Варіанти:My mother does., My mother do., My mother work.)

  14. They can’t be certain but they think they ___________________ (Варіанти:is going to listen, will to listen, are going to listen)to modern songs at the next lesson.

  15. It’s interesting to visit expensive ______ (Варіанти:cafeys, cafes, caffes)in different cities.

  16. How long _____________ (Варіанти:it takes, does it take, does it takes)you to get to the underground station on foot?

  17. Our father was born in nineteen fifty-eight. ____ (Варіанти:1948, 1959, 1958)

  18. How ____________ (Варіанти:I can get, can I to get, can I get)to the nearest railway station?

  19. This cinema_______________ (Варіанти:is very popular, very popular, be very popular)with people in our town.

  20. I'm going to this open-air cafe __ (Варіанти:on, at, in)the corner of the street tomorrow.

  21. In a week we shall walk _____ (Варіанти:along, in, at)this nice street with my relatives.

  22. Look! There are so many people __ (Варіанти:in, on, at)the square!

  23. Are you going ________ (Варіанти:to visit, visiting, visit) your grandparents in the village?

  24. John is very good ____ (Варіанти:from, of, at)Maths. He does sums very quickly.

  25. Yesterday I got a bad mark __ (Варіанти:in, on, at)Literature.

  26. How many texts did you ________ (Варіанти:retold, retelled, retell)at the last English lesson?

  27. When did she get up on Saturday? - _______________________ (Варіанти:At school., Mother did., At a quarter past nine.)

  28. Last autumn the weather ___ (Варіанти:be, was, is)very nasty.

  29. Mary usually gets to her work __ (Варіанти:in, on, by)car.

  30. This library is ___________ (Варіанти:biger, the biggest, bigger)than the library in your town.

Запитання №8 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 9%

Listen to the dialogue and then choose who is going to do what is depicted in the picture.

at last [1a:st] нарешті

a waterproof ['wɔːtəpruːf] дощовик

to protect [prə'tekt] захищати

skin [skɪn] шкіра

а factor ['fæktə] фактор (захист від сонця)

sun cream [sʌn kriːm] сонцезахисний крем

lucky ['lʌkɪ] щасливий

to go hiking ['haɪkɪŋ] іти в похід

adventure [əd'venʧə] пригода

а boot [bu:t] ботинок

  1. How to Set Up a Tent Guyline – Appalachian Mountain Club________________ (Варіанти:Eddie, Hannah, Eddie and Hannah)

  2. Hand Holding Map America Tracking Hunting Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 330754616________________ (Варіанти:Eddie, Hannah, Eddie and Hannah)

  3. Jonsson Workwear | Raincoat________________ (Варіанти:Eddie, Hannah, Eddie and Hannah)

  4. Food A Holic 100% оригинал - косметика Food A Holic купить Киев, Украина | цена, отзывы________________ (Варіанти:Eddie, Hannah, Eddie and Hannah)

  5. Swim your way to health in 2020 | SwimTrek________________ (Варіанти:Eddie, Hannah, Eddie and Hannah)

  6. Good Hiking Boots Online Deals, UP TO 50% OFF________________ (Варіанти:Eddie, Hannah, Eddie and Hannah)

Запитання №9 з кількома правильними відповідями Балів: 9%

Tick the activities which you hear in the dialogue

Запитання №10 на встановлення відповідності Балів: 9%

Read the text and do the following tasks

a chef [ʃef] шеф-кухар

hard [ha:d] важко

a nanny ['nænɪ] няня

differently ['dɪf(ə)r(ə)ntlɪ] інакше, по-іншому

alone [ə'ləun] сам

Next winter holidays Julie is going to travel to England. She wants to be a chef so, she is going to work as a waiter in a restaurant in London. This year she is studying English very hard and she is working as a nanny to have money for the tickets. She will take the plane to London on 7th December.0201fn2x-9a2b-165x207.png

She will live with a family in a big house in the centre of the city. They have a girl called Jane and two boys called Samuel and Freddy. In the morning, Julie will go to school with them. In the afternoon, she will visit museums, walk around the city and cook some tasty food. In the evening, she is going to work at the restaurant, from seven o'clock to half-past eleven at night.0201fn3b-22e7-138x228.png

She wants to go, but her parents feel differently: they are worried and sad because she is going to travel alone. But Julie is happy as she knows it will be great.

Match the beginning and the ending of the sentences.


Julie wants to be


She is going to travel


She is studying English


Her parents feel


Julie is working as


She will take the plane


She knows it will be


In the morning Julie will go




to school with them.


a chef.


to London.




to England.


a nanny.


very hard.

Запитання №11 з вибором правильної відповіді у тексті Балів: 9%

Choose true or false

  1. Julie will go to France. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  2. The girl wants to be a chef. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  3. She will go there alone. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  4. Julie won't live in the centre of the city. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  5. In the afternoon she will go to school. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  6. In the evening Julie will cook. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  7. Her new family has got two children. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  8. Their names are Samuel and Phillip. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  9. Her plane is on 12th December. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

  10. Julie is happy to go to England. _____ (Варіанти:true, false)

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