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Головне меню порталу

Теорія на тему Verbs and prepositions. Part 2

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Опис методичного матеріалу:

Study the information about verbs and prepositions.

Remember these expressions:

1. Care, take care:

Care about
Care for
Take care of (look after)

Have a nice trip! Take care of yourseleves!


2. Verbs with to and for:

Apply to
Wait for
Search for
Leave for

I have searched for my keys.

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3. Dream, hear:

Dream about
Dream of being smth.
Hear about (to be told about something)
Hear of (know that somebody/something exists)
Hear from (receive a letter or call from someone)

Have you heard from Jack recently?

4. Remind, comlain

Remind somebody about (tell somebody not to forget)
Remind somebody of (cause somebody to remember)
Complain to somebody about
Complain of a pain, illness

I am happy that you reminded me about the meeting.

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5. Warn somebody of/about a danger

People have been warned of/ about the danger of smoking.