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Reading Thanksgiving Day

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Завдання №1 Теоретичний блок

Good morning, guys!

Today we'll check your reading and writing skills

Read the text please and write a letter to your friend. Tell him/her about some holiday your family celebrate

Break a leg!

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional national holiday in the USA and some other English speaking countries. It has become a tradition with Americans to get together on this day. As a rule, all the members of the family have a great holiday dinner in one house. The Americans, especially children, like this holiday very much because they eat roast turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and many other tasty things.

The story of this national holiday is the following. Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1621 when the first people from England came to America. They came on the ship called The Mayflower and landed at the Eastern coast of America in November.

That winter was very cold, and more than half of the English settlers died of cold and hunger. The native people, the Indians, came to help the English. They gave them some corn, which the settlers planted in spring. They worked hard to grow rich crops. And in Autumn they gathered a good crop. So they decided to thank the Indians and to hold a harvest festival. The Indians were invited to the festival, and they were heartily thanked by the English.

There was a roast turkey, cranberry sauce and many other tasty things on the dinner table.

Since that time, the fourth Thursday of November has been Thanksgiving Day. And the roast turkey has become a traditional national dish. On this day Americans enjoy their holiday dinner, thank each other and wish each other a happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day in Australia

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Australia.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada

Thanksgiving is an annual Canadian holiday to give thanks for the harvest. It’s celebrated on the second Monday in October.

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Використовуйте у листі вставні слова та конструкції, passive voice, modal verbs and phrasal verbs and some idioms.

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