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Сценарій пізнавального виховного заходу, приуроченого декаді англійської мови у навчальному закладі.

Завдання №1 Теоретичний блок

 English-speaking writers stand high in the world. Shakespeare and Swift , Byron and Dickens, and many others are dear to those who love literature. Have you heard of a boy who hasn’t travelled together with Gulliver or stayed on a small sea island with Robinson Crusoe? Both young and old enjoy books written by English authors. In their works, they speak of life and a man.  The reader is taught to love a man , to struggle for all that is good and great, and to fight against all that is bad and low . We can say that the best works of English writers and poets are, and will always be, a great school of life for their readers. 

Find out more information about your favourite writer or poet and his works.

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